Digital Asset News: A new report titled ”The administration’s roadmap to mitigate cryptocurrency risk” from the Biden administration is out and there are some varying opinions on what it all means. Also, the US debt ceiling is not as bad as everyone says plus Tezos and the California DMV NFT!

The White House’s administration has recently released a report outlining its roadmap to mitigate risks associated with cryptocurrencies. The report highlights the challenges and risks faced by centralized players handling cryptocurrencies, rather than the crypto products themselves. The report covers various aspects of crypto-related risks and the measures the government plans to take to tackle them.

The report covers the following key points:

  • A brief history of crypto incidents, such as the implosion of a stable coin and the collapse of major crypto exchanges resulted in serious losses to everyday investors.
  • The efforts made by agencies to fight fraud and prevent false claims, such as that of crypto assets being insured by the FDIC.
  • The administration plans to unveil priorities for digital asset research and development to protect consumers.
  • The call for Congress to expand regulators’ powers to prevent misuse of customer assets by centralized players.
  • The caution against mainstream institutions such as pension funds investing heavily in crypto markets, as it could potentially affect the broader financial system.
  • The government supports responsible tech innovations in financial services, but with the need for safeguards to ensure that the digital economy works for everyone.

In conclusion, the report stresses the need for caution and safeguards in the crypto industry to protect consumers and prevent a potentially harmful impact on the broader financial system. The administration’s roadmap is aimed at balancing the benefits of crypto technology with the need for consumer protection and financial stability.


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