BTC Surges with Strongest Quarter in Two Years, Outperforming Nasdaq and Gold

Bitcoin storms toward its strongest quarter in 2 years, XRP surges, and other news

Bitcoin is on track for its strongest quarter in two years, as the token surged to a 72% gain over the last three months. It has outperformed both the Nasdaq 100 and gold, which are up 15% and 9%, respectively, in the same stretch. The surge in BTC is driven by the positive technical signals from the Ultimate Oscillator and overall technical analysis.

The recent rise of other cryptocurrencies is also adding to the momentum of the market. Ethereum-Dollar pair and Ripple-Dollar pair gained 1.5% and 6.3% in the last session respectively, while Litecoin-Dollar pair skyrocketed by 3.1%. The Stochastic-RSI is giving a positive signal, which aligns with the overall technical analysis.

Moreover, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken signed a multi-year global pact with Formula One team Williams Racing, marking the trading platform’s first major sponsorship deal. This is a significant milestone for the crypto industry, given that sports tie-ups with digital-asset firms have become increasingly unpopular. The rumor surrounding the outcome of Ripple’s long-running legal fight with the SEC also boosted the value of XRP, the cryptocurrency issued by Ripple, which surged by 10%.

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